Our Trip to Northridge

Last Monday we left for Northridge to celebrate on Wednesday the Step-up ceremony for Estee from Kindergarten to first grade and the graduation of Marlie from Nursery School.  We drove down with Jason and Mary and had great conversations for the entire 381 miles.  Lar did the driving and Jason, Mary and I did the yapping.  It was great just having a few hours to chat and catch with the kids since they returned from their honeymoon.

We arrived at about 2:30 pm, just enough time to jump in the car with Jodi and pick the girls up from school.  When Estee saw me waiting for her she started running so fast it appeared as if she were flying through the air to get to her Peaches.  We then walked across the street to pick up Marlie and I received the same welcome from her. What a joy it is to spend with these girls.  Nothing can make my heart sing like hugging and kissing on my girls.  We were then off to swim class and dinner.  By the time we got home they were exhausted.  Marlie fell asleep in the car and we gingerly took her in and put her to bed.  Estee and I had to read a book and snuggle first.  That I never mind.

The next morning we took the girls to school and then we all met at our favorite deli,  Brents for a delicious breakfast.  If you are ever in LA and close to the Valley it is totally worth the drive to go eat at the best deli in the US….if you don’t believe me, check out Zagats!  Stephanie and my neice also met us for a very fun filled breakfast.  Then my girls and I went to the hospital to visit a very dear friend who was recovering from a stroke and lots of other problems.  It was a joy to be with her.  This wonderful lady had been one of my mentors as I grew up in the business world in LA and can never thank her enough for all that she taught me.  We were then off to lunch at a cute little Japanese restaurant in Tarzana and then we rushed home to pick up the kids.  Earlier in the day Estee had brought her sports trophy from T ball to share with Marlie’s teachers and it accidentally dropped and broke into pieces.  Jodi and I almost cried and Estee was very upset.  Being the good grandma that I am, I promised that we would either glue it back together or find a new one before end of day.  Thank goodness my neice knew the gal who had provided them for the team and we were able to track her down.  She had another trophy which I was happy to go pick up and have on Estee’s nightstand when she woke up in the morning.

That evening Larry and I had dinner with some dear friends from LA that we had not seen in a few years.  We had a chance to visit for awhile in their beautifully remodeled home and then have dinner at a cute little Italian restaurant in Encino.  All in all a very busy but great day.

Wednesday we were up at the crack of dawn as we had to be at school to get good seats by 7:30 am. It was a joy to sit in Heschel Hall and be surrounded by not only familiar faces, but I got to see all of the flags with my kids names for helping Heschel to win many atheletic Championships over those many years when they were there as students. I am thrilled that our granddaughters are able to have the same wonderful experience at that school.

We had a busy afternoon getting ready for the evening activities, Marlie’s graduation.  To see these little 4 and 5 years old marching in with their mortarboards on…it was quite a sight.  Their class sang over 10 songs, all with different hand and body movements.  Marlie did not miss a beat…she was absolutely adorable.

We all got together for our family dinner, all 16 of us at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Jodi has pre ordered and we had a feast.  It was a blast and the girls were so proud of themselves.  They each got lots of presents and each had their own graduation cake with a candle to blow out.  Another great day with my girls.

Thursday we drove back to Napa and were glad to get home. Daddy was really glad to see us.  I was exhausted so we all went out to dinner.  While we were gone the chickens kept laying.  We have so many eggs.  We give them away each week, but the chickens are so cute and friendly, I would really miss not having them.  The garden is fabulous.  I cut 10 more artichokes from two of the plants.  We just planted 4 more artichoke plants. We should have enough to open our own farmers market.  The raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are the sweetest ever. I have to pick them each day or they would fall to the ground.

Saturday Lar, Dad and I went to Sonoma to see Woody Allen’s new flick Midnight in Paris…this could be his best movie ever.  Sunday we drove up to Rio Oso to have Father’s Day with Mary and her family.  What a terrific family they have.  Her Mom is a great cook and really put out a beautiful spread.  Mary made tons of cake pops and a delicious lemon cake.  Lar had given Mary lemons from our tree.  We must have 500 lemons sitting on our counter. We are over lemoned!

This morning I made a guest appearance on KVON, the local Napa radio station with Dorothy Linn Salmon as the host.  We had a great time.

Very exciting news this afternoon in the garden….the green beans are ready to be picked.  I stir-fried the beans with fresh zucchini and onions from the garden, made lemon chicken, one of Lar’s favorites and a hubbard squash from last year’s crop.  We topped dinner off with berries from the garden…Felt just like a farmers table. I am loving it!

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