Saturday in the Garden

What a great day.  Larry and I got up at the crack of dawn and did a 2+ mile walk on the river. We saw beautiful swallows and blue jays.  We could the woodpeckers pecking away in the back ground.

When we got home I decided to clean the chicken coop and fill up the chickens feeder for the week.  Boy can those chickens make a mess.  I have named them so they feel welcomed around here, Gertrude, Gladys and Hortense.  Whenever I have a question about the chickens I go to for the answers.  Great website if you want to learn about taking care of your flock.

The garden is loving the sun.  We have about five green tomatoes.  I was a little surprised since last summer it took forever for the tomato blossoms to turn into tomatoes.  I see alot of tomato soups, sauces and gratinee’s in the coming months.  Larry is ready to fire up the pizza oven. We are signed up for a pizza making class in a few weeks.  We are both looking to the finer points of making pizza at home.  They were really delicious last summer but we still need to perfect our techniques.

After picking about a half dozen beautiful strawberries I mosied over to the raspberry and blackberry vines. Wow the crop has arrived.  Every day I am able to pick enough for the day. The flavor is so vibrant…you can just taste the goodness of a fresh picked berry.  Sometimes I am so eager when I am picking them I just have to eat a few before they are washed!  So far I haven’t gotten any side effects.  Everything in the garden is organically grown using drip irrigation, so how bad can it be…a little bee could have peed a little, but big deal.

Had a great dinner at Armadillo’s in St. Helena last night with some new friends and this afternoon we are off to a pool party and BBQ…the first of the summer…very exciting.  I have told you how much I love Napa…this is the best place to live, ever.

I would love to know how all my friends are doing so feel free to add to summer fun on my blog.

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