My first post!

We have such an exciting summer planned that I wanted to share it with our friends and family. Larry, Jason, Mary and I are on our way down to Northridge to help celebrate Marlie’s graduation from nursery school and Estee’s “Step-up” to First Grade!  Wow what a wonderful experience to share with those two adorable young ladies. We promise to take lots of pictures and share them with you soon.

The garden is in full bloom. We are hoping for great hot weather so that we won’t have to wait until August for our tomatoes this summer.  The onions, red cabbage, artichokes, lettuce, spinach, arugula are already plentiful.  I have to keep coming up with creative recipes to use all of this wonderful produce.  The lemons are just finishing their best crop ever.  We must have picked over 1,000 lemons…I am not kidding.  Our friends have enjoyed our sharing them as well.

We are looking forward to our cousins Dennis and Michelle, and Debbie and Mark joining us right after 4th of July for a few days.  We will join them in San Francisco and then they will be our guests in Napa for a few days.  We will all enjoy our great food and wine. I plan on showing them the true beauty of our Valley.

I have just become the President of our Synagogue and loving every minute of all the work that needs to get done.  Our new Board of Trustees have great plans for making our Synagogue the Jewish Center of Napa Valley. Many congregants are working very hard to bring some great programs to CBS.

Larry is starting the planning on his model railroad that will be constructed in our garage with his friends Mike and Pete.  I can’t wait to hear the whistle blowing!

I am still very involved with VOICES and am looking forward to continuing my role to help put together an Individual Donor Program that will help fund the Napa and Sonoma programs and hopefully help them to open the VOICES National Training Institute.

Maria, Stephanie and I are working hard to kick off our first Destination for Life career transition workshop.  We just about have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Check out our website at

Steph is also involved with her own company as well.  Find more info at

Jason and Mary just returned from their honeymoon and had a wonderful time.  Check out Mary’s blog to get the full report.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I plan on blogging away all summer! Hugs to all!

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