A Day in the City

What a great time we had with our cousins who came in from Boston and Orlando. One couple had only spent one day in the SF and the other had never been here.  Lar and I arrived in SF at 8:45 am and met them at their hotel on 4th Street.  We decided that a morning walk was in order and so the six of us trekked up to Sears for a terrific fun breakfast.  The restaurant is right off Union Square and has been there since 1938….truly a SF jewel and the food is still very good, at least for breakfast.

As we came out of Sears we headed up the hill to California and then continued our adventure into Chinatown.  Our cousin Mark didn’t mind the walk up the hill, it was the going down that scare the bejesus out of him. He wanted to sit on his fanny and slide down the hill, but Deb and I didn’t think that was such  a good idea.  Lar, Dennis and Michelle took an easier route. Lar stopped as asked a doorman if he had seen any deaths from visitors walking the hills. The doorman assured them that he had not and so they took a less treacherous route to meet us.

Our meeting place was my favorite Chinatown jewelery story just below Empress of China.  I had to purchase a few trinkets to remember the trip.  I also found the cutest chopsticks for kids and purchased several pairs for adorable granddaughters who love to eat Chinese Foods.  I had to call to check out which were their favorite colors.  Heaven forbid I make a mistake and buy chopsticks in green when they wanted blue, or pink when they wanted purple.

From Chinatown we walked over to Columbus and walked through Little Italy. The aromas were delicious, but since we had just finished a late breakfast we stopped only for the boys to get a Cappuccino.  We continue our walk to the wharf and checked out the Golden Gate from the crossing to Scoma’s. The fog was pretty heavy so we only got a blurred view. We continued along the wharf and came upon the Maritime Museum. Since none of us had ever been we stopped for awhile and took a few tours and checked it out.  Very cool how they have actors acting out in period dress.

It was now time to climb the hill up to the Buena Vista for a much deserved Irish Coffee.  The place was mobbed, but we found three seats at the bar. The gals got to enjoy the comfort of sitting down for awhile and the guys stood behind us.  The bartender had no personality and moved like he had not slept in a week. A few minutes later a nice looking lady came in and he became animated as all get out and we had to ask several times for our check.

We then walked the block over to Ghirardelli Square.  Looks like we weren’t going to get lunch so I suggested we might stop and get hot fudge sundaes….Absolutely, the crowd roar and we made a beeline to place our order.  I scoped out the restaurant and quickly found a table for six.  I was very quickly joined by our entourage.  The sundaes were delish.

Time to hop a cable car back to Union Square.  We had already walked 5 miles and were looking forward to a great ride back.  The line was very long and the price went up $1 per person to $6…just in the last month. Now you have to prepay for your tickets. Something new and different.  We were in line 45 minutes, but when it was our time to board we all decided to wait for the next car so that we could get front row seats. It was definitely worth the wait.  A great time was had by all.  We rode all the way to Union Square then hopped off so that we could see the inside of the St. Francis hotel.

By this time it was late in the afternoon, we walked back to their hotel by walking through the mall and Bloomingdales.  Didn’t feel like shopping and just wanted to put my feet up.  After resting until five in Dennis and Michelle’s room we drove over to Scoma’s for a great feast. Larry and Dennis each had whole cracked crab. Lar concocted his famous crab sauce which he and Dennis shared.  They had a great time devouring their crabs.  Somehow the kitchen failed to bring Mark’s dinner with the rest of ours and it finally arrived when we were almost finished eating.  As a treat our great waiter Tim brought over 3 desserts on the house…Great dinner, great company….great fun day!  I love San Francisco.  We are so lucky to live so close!

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