The Chicken Saga Continues

Simon and his sons showed up on Friday to begin rebuilding the chicken coop. First they had to dig out 8 inches of dirt so that we could wire the entire base of the pen. We let the chickens run in the yard.  They stayed surprising close to their pen and were confused as to why they were on the outside looking in.  Every hour or so I would go out and check on the progress of the renovation and check on my girls.  On one trip I could only find Gladys and Gertrude…Hortense was no where to be found.  I asked the guys who were digging, have you seen the grey Chicken?  Oh yes just a few minutes ago.

Simon had gone to the store and I caught him as he was returning to the backyard. Simon, did you see a chicken out in the front of the house…oh no…but I did see doodoo in the garage! You saw doodoo in the garage?  At first I was not clear what he was saying and then I translated doodoo with an accent to poop in the garage. I quickly hustle out to the front of the house with Simon following closely behind.  In a few minutes we eye Hortense marching down the street as if she owned it.  I did not want to frighten her, so I called her like you would call a dog…no response, she just kept marching away.  This was obviously no way to catch a chicken.  Simon and I decided to run in front of her and coax her back to the house.  After several attempts to catch her, Simon and I were able to corner her so that he could pick her up.  I was never so glad to find a live chicken in my life.

As we returned to the garden I noticed that Gladys and Gertrude had found the lettuce/spinach patch and had happily planted themselves in the planter box.  Hortense soon joined in and for the next few hours they consumed all the lettuce and spinach that they could find.

Well by 5 pm, the chickens were safely put back into their pen, all clean and fresh with the dirt turned and new rice hulls laid. By Saturday morning they were as happy as clams not having to deal with the rats….they even began laying an egg each.  I am sure they are glad to have their coop and pen back to themselves without their uninvited guests.

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