The Rat Saga continues

Fortunately for the rats, it rained today in Napa. Hopefully tomorrow we can begin work on digging out 8 inches of dirt and laying in the heavy gauge wire on the ground and then secure it up the sides with 2 x4’s.  We will then add clean dirt and new rice hulls.  We have not seen any rats for two days. Of course I am not the one to check.  Larry has been great about checking every morning.  I think he is a little dissappointed that we have not caught any rats since we laid the traps in the coop.  Tomorrow is another day….

Steph and a friend are up for a few days.  It is always great to have my kids here. Using her best culinary skills she prepared a great dinner.  We polished off a few bottles of wine in the process and none of us are any of the worse for it.

Tonight we tried to inflate a new air mattress in the cottage, just to check it out.  Much to our dismay, after several attempts we realized that we have a faulty valve.  Can they make anything that works in China?  We will have to order a new mattress in the morning as we have company for the next 3 or 4 weeks.  It is the Ellyn and Larry Bed and Breakfast during most of the summer.  We love seeing everyone. Hopefully the rain will stop and we can start using our barbeque.  With all this rain it seems more like April than the end of June.

I want to wish all of my friends a very fun holiday weekend.

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